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Nationwide Delivery Service - Carrier Information

Updated on October 31st, 2014

Nationwide Delivery Service has gained a reputation as one of the top home delivery and logistics companies in the United States. Our success has always depended on the quality and commitment of our contract carriers. Nationwide Delivery Service has customers and daily deliveries in every city and market from coast to coast, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. For each of these markets we require qualified, experienced and reliable carrier partners to provide the best possible delivery experience for our clients and their customers.

Benefits of the Nationwide Delivery Service Carrier Partner Program:
  • Increased revenue and profit
  • Better equipment utilization
  • Detailed operations procedures and guidelines
  • E-mail order alerts
  • Online delivery tracking
  • Online agent console for accurate billing invoice generation and POD collection.
  • Leader in the home delivery and logistics industry
If increasing your profit, revenue and equipment utilization sounds like a good proposition for you and your company then please follow the important steps below.

To become a contract carrier for Nationwide Delivery Service, please provide:
  1. Copy of the carrier's Federal Operating Authority. This will be a certificate or permit for contract or common carrier authority showing the carrier's MC number and legal company name. If the carrier has re-entitled, Nationwide Delivery Service will need both the original and re-entitlement authorities.
  2. Copy of current insurance certificate showing minimum coverage amounts per Nationwide Delivery Service. Please provide a copy of the carrier's current insurance certificate with the carrier's company name (must match the name on the Federal Operating Authority) and current address.
  3. Please provide your W-9
  4. Once you create a profile someone from NDS will contact you to let you know the account has been activated and will finalize the account.
The above information can be faxed, mailed or e-mailed to:

Carrier Relations Department
Nationwide Delivery Service
PO BOX 884
Phone (855) 637-9111
Fax (480) 247-5777